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Setting up a WordPress site with Simplehost

Setting up a WordPress site is easy with Simplehost. Just follow these basic instructions and in less than 15 minutes you will be blogging on your new site.

First you will need our Advanced Hosting package which includes high speed SSD drives and the latest server processors to make your site fly! It also includes support for PHP 5.3x and MySQL 5.5x databases.

Next you will need to configure your domain name, it's as easy as setting your domain name servers to simplehost which can be done through your domain name providers control panel. We describe how to do this here - Domain Registration & Setup.

Now you need WordPress. You can download WordPress here.
You can either follow the instructions on the WordPress site or simply extract the zip file to your computer somewhere and then upload it to your new account on Simplehost by following this article - Uploading your site via FTP.

Nearly done! Finally you will need to configure your new site, you can do this just by visiting your new website in an internet browser. Visit www.(insert your domain name here) and you can configure the rest in a few simple steps. All the details you will need for this are provided in the setup email when you purchased the advanced hosting package.

If any of this sounds too hard, then just ask us to do it for you, and free of charge we will set you up a new site of any theme you choose.

Happy Simplehosting!

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