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Paid links and sponsored advertising

Although not necessarily an SEO technique, paid links can prove very effective in your marketing campaign. They work by paying another party for a link back to your website. The most common form of this would be paid sponsor links on search engines. For instance if you want paid links to appear on Google's search engine, you simply need to sign up to Google adwords. If you have an advertising budget, and you think paid links could benefit your site, then we would recommend signing up to the 3 major search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo paid advertising campaigns. 

You can refine your ads to great detail, such as:

  • By budget, how much you wish to spend per day, and how much you are willing to pay per click (PPC).
  • By date and time, if your business is seasonal, or is more accessed at a particular time of day, you can hide/show your ads by the hr, or roll them every month.
  • By geographic location, you can refine your ads to only show to visitors who are located in specific countries, regions and even cities.
  • Ad variations, you can have multiple ads displaying at random or show a single ad say 60% of the time.


And of course you can specify exactly what keywords, patterns or sentences a user must search for before displaying your ad, this avoids users searching for something else, clicking your ad and then leaving your site because they were looking for something else.

Ads on all search engines will display in fairly similar locations as depicted in the following image.

A few links to help you start you on your way to paid link advertising.

Google adwords starter guide
Yahoo advertising
Microsoft Bing

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