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2 Factor Authentication for WebMail

Simplehost supports 2 Factor authentication for our web based E-Mail. If you wish to add an additional layer of security to access your email, follow the instructions below.

  • Strong passwords

    Firstly, we highly recommend you create a strong base password to login with. A short sentence is much better than a computer generated scrambled mixed case password. A good example is something like "I like secure webmail". A password manager such as 1Password is also highly recommended.

  • Mobile app

    Next you will need to install the Authy or Google Authenticator app onto your smart phone. This will be used to generate your one time access tokens for each login.

  • WebMail setup

    Now login to WebMail as usual. Click on settings, then 2step google verification.

    Click activate, leave the secret as it is generated automatically and will be read in later. You should enter at least 2 recovery codes in case you loose your phone or you have issues logging in.

    Click show QR code. Open the Authy or Google authenticator app on your phone, click add and scan the barcode on the screen. It will import your details for you.

    Click save and run a pre-test by entering the code on your phone into the last text box and click check. If it is not ok, then regenerate the secret and barcode and delete and scan again. Only if you get status of OK should you save and logout.

    If using Authy app along side a Mac, you can pair the devices using bluetooth to allow automatic copying of the codes to your desktop to simplify logins.

  • Login with 2 step auth

    Now try to logout and login again, it will ask you after you enter your password for a second password. You will need your phone with you and open the authenticator app each time with this account, and enter the code shown.

Enjoy the additional security of 2 step authentication on Simplehost WebMail.

Best Regards,


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