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Domain Registration & Setup

To have your own website address you will need to register a domain name, for example: There are many registrars around, have a google around if you haven't settled on a domain name yet.

When you have a domain name there are two options to get your domain setup.

Using simplehost name servers for DNS (recommended)

For us to host your website on your domain name(s) you will have to delegate simplehost as your authoritative name servers at your registrar. Once this change has propagated your domain will have all the zone records setup correctly to work on your hosting account. Our name servers are:

Name servers:

  • Primary: (IP:
  • Secondary: (IP:

In most cases this is an easy change through a management interface at your registrar, make the changes for the authoritative name servers to our name server addresses noted above. The change can take up to 24 hours to complete.

Please notify us if you have any changes or custom requirements for your dns settings.

Using other name servers for DNS

You can also host your domain name on other name servers. If you wish to take this option you will be provided with A record details upon signup, also for simplehost to handle the email on this domain it is necessary to specify two MX records as below.

The MX (Mail Exchanger) record is used by mailservers to determine the correct delivery path of email for a domain name, the number preceeding the mailserver address is the priority (highest priority is the lowest number)

  • 10
  • 20

If you need any help with this, please don't hesitate to ask one of our friendly support staff.

Hmm, I'm lost..

An easy analogy to explain this process is to think of your domain name as a personalised plate for your car. Once you have your personalised plate, you want to attach the plate to your car.

Thinking of your car as your Simplehost website, or email you can now point your plate to your website and email at Simplehost. The two options above allow you to attach your domain name to your Simplehost services.

A company that allows you to register and manage your domain name is known as a registrar, you can think of this as - a company providing personalised license plates.

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