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How do I setup Thunderbird?

This will guide you through setting up basic email services with Simplehost.  If you would like to setup your email with the security of SSL please see How do I setup Secure E-Mail after following these steps.  Or if you're savvy skip right ahead.

If you prefer IMAP instead please read How do I setup IMAP?

Server Settings

POP3 Server:     port: 110

SMTP Server:     port: 25

  • Alternatively you may use the SMTP submission port of 587

Note - If you use Telecom/Xtra or Orcon as your ISP, or an ISP that filters port 25 you will need to send outgoing email using your ISPs mailserver we explain this in Sending email from Telecom

If you are creating this Email Account for a domain hosted with Simplehost - you must have created a mailbox first, if you need help doing this please see our information on Creating another E-Mail address


We will start by creating a new account.  Open up your Thunderbird email client.

  • Click on Tools > Account Settings

At the bottom left of the dialog box click the "Add Account" button

A new window will pop up, make sure "Email account" is selected and click Next.

Enter your Name that will be displayed when sending email and your E-mail address - this is your mailbox address or the email address you would like people to reply to.

  • Click Next.

Next we will enter the server information, Make sure "POP" is selected, and enter the Incoming Server as:

  • Click Next.

Enter your User Name.  This will be the same as your mailbox email address.  For example:

  • Click Next.

Enter the account name you wish to call this email account.

  • Click Next.

After verifying all the settings are correct, Click Finish.

Now we need to add an Outgoing Server.

On the left hand pane of the Account Settings.

  • Click Outgoing Server (SMTP)
  • Click the Add button on the right hand side

In the Server Name field, enter:


To use pop-before-smtp for authentication (OK for most users)

  • Untick "Use name and password"

To use SMTP authentication

  • Leave "Use name and password" ticked and supply your mailbox username, eg:
  • Select "No" for "Use secure connection:" 1
  • Click OK for the SMTP Server Settings.
  • Click OK for the Account Settings.

Test the email account by clicking the "Get Mail" button in the top left of Thunderbird.

You can alter your mailboxes and aliases for your domain(s) by logging into your My Account page and selecting Mailadmin

1 Setup Thunderbird to use SSL encryption


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