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Spree e-commerce solution on Simplehost

Recently we worked through a Spree install for a customer. This is an install of Spree from scratch.

If you already have your Spree working in development - you can most likely upload and use the following bundle command to satisfy the Gemfile requirements:

# bundle install --deployment

Spree is an open source e-commerce solution based on Ruby on Rails.

The installation was troublesome for the customer due to it's automated nature, it seemed impossible to get it to install it's required gems within the users home directory and continually asked for sudo (or root) access.

As an alternative we decided to run RVM and have it work with the RVM installation of Ruby instead.

Install RVM

Please follow the instructions here to install RVM on your account.

Install Spree

Once you have RVM installed, install the spree gem. These steps will be pretty much inline with the Spree geting started guide.

# gem install spree --no-ri --no-rdoc

Once completed, install Spree - you shouldn't need to do the 'rails new mystore' from the getting started guide, as this is already performed by the Simplehost setup process. In this case 'mystore' is your websites domain name, for eg:

Change directory into the directory with your rails deployment - this is the same as your website domain name.

# cd

# spree install --auto_accept

Once the install completes you can login to Spree with the default username and password (as in the user guide). You can access Spree with your domain name (or temporary domain name).

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