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Auckland DC - Core network testing and upgrades

We have been advised of a number of changes to the core network affecting our Auckland DC.

A few upgrades are taking place that will add in a third uplink to the DC improving routing, latency and peering.  Also planned is a full fail over test between uplinks.

With this work we expect 7 small network outages of approx 5 minutes each during the event window however there is a possibility of a longer outage of 5 - 20 minutes.

What: Auckland, New Zealand Web Hosting and VPS plans.  This will also affect customer Email services.

When: The outage window is Wednesday 9th May 10 PM -> Thursday 10th May 2 AM

Last year we notified a number of customers that we recommend an IP Address update for websites hosted on the web server named 'earth'.  This was to ensure you use an IP Address that has the best routing availability on the uplink providers, there are a few customers still using the old IP Address - we will be contacting those who are to remind you.

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