Simplehost Web Hosting

New Zealand Migration

23 September 08 

Our new equipment has now found its home in our Data Center in Auckland.

After alot of effort and testing by our team on the new equipment we are confident the new platform will perform well and provide us alot of headroom for the future.  The project finished well ahead of time and we hope you all enjoy the new fast platform as much as we are!

All customers hosting their domains on our name servers will have cut over to using the new local web servers.  Those hosting their domains on other name servers will have received an email with details to update their domain A records.  Once the update propagates they will be working off the local web servers.

14th September 08

Since the founding of Simplehost we have been a supplier of U.S-based Web, Email, DNS and Managed hosting solutions. Over the past few months a decision has been made by our team to provide these services locally in New Zealand.

The decision to move has been made with a lot of consideration on the benefits to you, the customer. Having the core of our services hosted locally allows us to provide greater competition in the NZ market, further improved performance and become the first NZ provider to offer Ruby on Rails on local servers!

In addition to the above we will be changing the way we manage our hardware. New, high-spec servers will be deployed to accommodate future growth in our new Data Centre on the North Shore of Auckland.

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