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Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug

A serious vulnerability in OpenSSL has been announced. The bug affects recent versions of OpenSSL (1.0.1 through to 1.0.1f).

These versions were in use on some of our Simplehost and Customer VPS Servers. We have now applied upgrades to OpenSSL and restarted services on all affected servers.

If your VPS was upgraded you will have received an upgrade notice from us via email.

Do I need to do anything?

If your website uses SSL encryption you may want to consider reissuing your certificate, check with your provider to see if there is any cost involved.

If you wish to do this you can contact us to generate a CSR (certificate signing request).

If your website does not use SSL, you do not need to do anything. Ask us if you are unsure if your website uses SSL or not, most likely it doesn't.

Further reading

Heartbleed information website

You can test a website here

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