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Simplehost launches managed hosting plans

Simplehost is today launching our new range of managed VPS and dedicated hosting plans designed for small to medium sized businesses.

The new plans offer you maximum control over your hosting requirements and ensure the fastest possible delivery of content to your clients.

The plans are completely flexible and scalable to fit any requirement which means there is no longer any reason to search through hundreds of web hosts to find one that will suit your needs, a managed VPS or dedicated server solution will do it all.

Our managed servers are simple and straight forward, there is no messing about with setup or technologies, it just works out of the box and fits to any application. We setup, monitor and assist in scaling your sites or applications leaving you to focus on extending your applications capabilities reducing the 'will it work in production' risk.

If you feel this may be for you, then please have a look at our Managed Hosting Plans, take your pick or contact us for a free quote on a custom setup.

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