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VPS servers are best

Why VPS? A virtual private server can be an attractive alternative to shared hosting.

1. Customization
- You can put anything you like on it, all of those custom plugins you have on your development machines, deployment and monitoring tools. The options are limitless and with root shell access you can let your developers explore more fine grained performance options.

2. Security
- You will have your own custom firewall, monitoring and support. Only you will be accessing the server and your software. So if another customers site is compromised, yours will not be affected.

3. Multiple sites
- With a VPS you can run as many websites as you like with unlimited domains, databases and mailboxes

4. Scalability
- A VPS is just a program and can be reconfigured at anytime without any physical changes necessary. That means we can upgrade your server to a more powerful one in minutes. We can also copy over images to other servers for a full backup and replication.

5. Speed
- Our VPS have guaranteed CPU, memory and SSD disk access prioritisation which means your sites will stay up and responsive under peak traffic loads.

To see our attractive VPS options, browse our servers and managed plans page.

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