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Managed NZ VPS Hosting 1024

Want more capacity? This plan is great for large ecommerce sites and for web development house companies who wish to host many sites. It comes with all the features of our other VPS but packed with more memory and storage space.

This plan is ideal for large websites which require high performance under moderate to high traffic load.

Our key features with this plan include...

VPS hosting
  1. 1024MB MemoryEnough speed to handle around 5 million hits a month or 5-10 websites

  2. 40GB SSD Disk spaceSolid state storage keeping access times lightning fast

  3. Linux OS SetupA custom Linux server setup for your website(s)

  4. 24x7 Monitoring & server managementFull uptime monitoring and support for your server

  5. Comprehensive SecurityMonitoring, firewall and software updates

  6. Database accessMySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and more database options

  7. WebserverYour choice of webserver and software. Apache, Nginx, Mongrel. PHP 7.0

  8. Full server accessSFTP, SSH (root access), POP3, SMTP, IMAP & Webmail access

  9. Offsite backupsDaily backups taken and stored in an offsite location for absolute data integrity

  10. Unmetered EmailNo restrictions on the amount of email you use or mailboxes you setup

  11. Unmetered trafficNo hidden fees based on traffic usage

  12. Scalable server performanceWe can upgrade the server resources in just 5 minutes

  13. Latest Intel processorsOur VPS are built on super fast Sandy Bridge Xeon technology

  14. Multiple hosting locationsWe can also place your VPS in the USA or Australia for no additional cost

Interested but want to know more? Please contact us for more information.

No contracts and no setup fees, it's simple.

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